The Intervalic Institute, founded by Sydney d'Agvilo in Madrid (Spain), is focused on the advanced research about the Intervalic Theory in all fields of human knowledge.

As the Intervalic Theory involves a genuine change of paradigm in science, most of its results and discoveries go beyond the traditional academic view and therefore it may be a challenge to some fields of knowledge.

The principal projects developed by the Intervalic Institute are devoted to Physics and Music. In both fields the Intervalic Theory is an extraordinary change of paradigm that has established new foundations in Physics and in Music, remaining the traditional theories as particular cases inside a more general theory.

The basics of the Intervalic Theory in Physics has been explained in the book "INTERVALIC THEORY IN PHYSICS:  The Intervalic Structures of Subatomic Particles and the Last Foundations of Physics", which can be downloaded below in .pdf format (682 pages). 

An abstract of the book is alvo available in .pdf format, both in English (28 pages) as in Spanish language (29 pages).